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united by music

Tonight: Luxembourg Song Contest Final

27 January 2024 at 1:51 PM

By Raul Jac

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After a long process, tonight we will find out who will go to Malmo for Luxembourg!

The running order for the final:

1. Joel Marques – “Believer”

2. EDSUN – “Finally alive”

3. Naomi Ayé – “Paumée sur terre” (Lost on Earth)

4. Angy & Rafa Ela – “Drop”

5. One Last Time – “Devil in the detail”

6. Krick – “Drowning in the rain”

7. CHAiLD – “Hold on”

8. TALI – “Fighter”

You can watch the final here:

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Raul Jac

Head of Social Media & Founder of Euro Alfa

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