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Review: Melodifestivalen Deltavling 3

16 February 2024 at 9:13 AM

By Raul Jac

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Welcome baaaack! We are in the week of Deltavling 3 of Melodifestivalen 2024!!!!

In this Deltavling, another 6 songs will compete for 2 places in the final and 2 for 2nd Chance! Our team has given a feedback about the rehearsals and of course some points! Enjoy!


Photograf: Stina Stjernkvist

Reza: Eurofans seem to love this and they won’t get disappointed by the live performance either. The staging is great and it’s giving main pop girl energy. Jacqline is delivering a strong and confident live performance. This is really good and no one can say anything bad about the whole package. The song didn’t grab me at first but the more you listen to it, the more you like it, so it’s a grower. However, I don’t think that she is a contender for winning Melo, but she totally deserves to win this semi-final.
Overall ranking: 9/10

Raul: This song and performance will be 100% DTF. The performance is just amazing, the song is good, her energy is there, everything just perfect, a basically Melfest pop song. Jacqline will be in the final, but is not going to Malmo for sure.
Overall ranking: 10/10

Overall: 19/20


Photograf: Stina Stjernkvist

Reza: I really liked the snippet but now after listening to the full song and performance, I have to say that I am a bit disappointed. The whole performance felt way longer than 3 minutes. Clara is very good and we all know that, but the song is just mid and not impactful enough. I don’t think that she will get as far in the competition as she did with her previous attempt.
Overall ranking: 6.5/10

Raul: I don’t like it, neither the performance, neither the song. For me is basically the same performance and song as in 2021. DTF? No, maybe 2nd chance, but a small chance to not remain in the Deltavling 3.
Overall ranking: 5/10

Overall: 11.5/20


Photograf: Stina Stjernkvist

Reza: I was very excited about this one after hearing the snippet. However, the verses and pre chorus are way stronger than the chorus itself. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad song at all, but like Clara, it’s just not impactful enough to reach far in the competition. A good thing though that it might help Kim is that it’s very catchy. Moreover, the staging is very modern and it matches with the song. Even though I am no fashion guru, he has to change that outfit. Overall I think he deserves at least a spot in AC.
Overall ranking: 7.5/10

Raul: The snippet was interesting, the whole song? Nothing special. The performance? Soooooo Margaret Berger (Norway’s MGP 2024 Performance) but without the white platforms. For me the whole performance is BORING.
Overall ranking: 6/10

Overall: 13.5/20


Photograf: Stina Stjernkvist

Reza: It’s such a shame because I really enjoyed and liked the verses and then the first chorus kicks in and he sings “aaah-aaah-aaah” for 20 seconds straight. However the second chorus is way stronger and the “aaah-aaah-aaah” moment less annoying. I don’t think that this will qualify or reach AC from this semi-final but I am not going to lie, despite the snippet being very meh to me, this is my second place in this heat. It has a nice and melancholic vibe to it. The staging is pretty simple yet effective.
Overall ranking: 8/10

Raul: When I first heard the snippet I was like: WTF is that? BUT after seeing the performance it grows on me. The performance is very pleasant for the eye, very intimate, it is so simple, but so so nice. DTF? No. 2ND Chance? Its a 100% in for 2nd chance.
Overall ranking: 8/10

Overall: 16/20


Photograf: Stina Stjernkvist

Reza: I hope my girl is fine cause she looks a bit tensed and uncomfortable. Some people were hyped about this one, but this is actually pretty bad and I have no idea how she made it to Mello. Don’t get me wrong the song itself is pretty good, fun and the staging is solid as well BUT Gunilla can’t perform nor sing this one. Maybe she will deliver a stronger performance on the live shows.
Overall ranking: 5.5/10

Raul: LA LA LA, LA LA GUNILLAAAAAAAA. If you are a true Eurovision fan, you will compare Gunilla with many other people from other Selections. Gunilla looks like she’s scared of something, seems a bit uncomfortable. The song is very country, the song is very catchy, I literarly laugh for 4 hours watching the performance again and again and again :))) For sure we will see her again in the final or 2nd chance, it’s 50-50 depending on swedish votes.
Overall ranking: 8/10

Overall: 13.5/20


Photograf: Stina Stjernkvist

Reza: I have mixed feelings about this song because I actually don’t know if I like the chorus or not. The staging is very colorful and she is delivering a great performance. I must admit that I had bigger expectations from her especially after seeing that she will perform last. This is not the strongest heat, so she might directly advance to the final.
Overall ranking: 7/10

Raul: Welcome back CAZZI OPEIAAAAAAA! Cazzi’s song in the snippets seems to be a bit meh, BUT the performance is very very nice, very colorful, we have lots of background transitions like we are going from a scene to another. The performance is very playful, the song is catchy, her energy is there. DTF? Its very possible, otherwise 2nd chance for sure.
Overall ranking: 9/10

Overall: 16/20

That’s all about Melodifestivalen 2024 Deltavling 3! Let’s see who will qualify to the Final and to the 2nd Chance! Deltavling 3 of Melodifestivalen will take place tomorrow in Vaxjo at 20:00 CEST where two songs will go DIREKT TILL FINALEN and two songs will go to 2ND CHANCE which will take place at the end of the Deltavling 5.

Until now:


  1. Smash into Pieces – Heroes are Calling
  2. Lisa Ajax – Awful liar
  3. Liamoo Dragon
  4. Maria SurWhen I’m Gone


  1. Adam Woods – Supernatural
  2. Elisa Lindstrom – Forever Yours
  3. Froken SnuskUnga & Fria
  4. Dear SaraThe Silence After You

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