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united by music

MelFest: Stagings for Deltavling 4

19 February 2024 at 10:48 AM

By Raul Jac

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Deltavling 4 of Melfest will take place this week in Eskilstuna. The staging for this Deltavling have been revealed to the public today! Below you can read all the things that will be in the performance!

Photograph: Janne Danielsson

1.Albin TingwallDone Getting Over You

Effects and props

  • Choreographic theme: Fast choreography with a focus on clean movements.
  • LED graphics: LED-driven number where the graphics take place. Syncs with the artist’s movements and surrounds the artist and then quickly grows out. Pre-filmed material on the artist. Color Duplication.
  • Light: Misty look to match the LED graphics. Effect where the light turns on and off together with the LED graphics. Clear transitions between lighting from different levels.
  • Colors: White and pastel, purple, cyan and pink.
  • Picture: Arty. Fixed images in different heights and sections to capture moments on the LED screen.

Theme: Modern, playful, graphic.

2. Lia Larsson30 km/h

Effects and props

  • Pyrotechnics.
  • Choreographic theme: Strange, intense and festive.

3. Dotter It’s Not Easy to Write a Love Song

Effects and props

  • Piano stool.
  • Head mic.
  • Choreographic theme: Quirky, fitting the performer’s movement pattern on top of and around the grand piano. Grows from small to large movements with a sense of freedom.
  • Smoke.
  • Fan.
  • Light: 8 pieces Arri L10C Black. The track follows the artist’s emotional journey from the dark sadness to the beautiful, powerful light.
  • Colors: Black, white, warm white, silver.
  • Image: Minimalistic blackbox feel that gradually grows during the song. Artsy imagery with unusual cutouts.
  • Possible camera filter with a retro feel.

Theme: Down to earth, edgy, retro.

4. SCARLET Circus X

Effects and props

  • Swing that hangs from thick ropes, attached to the rope.
  • Red balloon.
  • 3 round podiums – 60 cm, 40 cm and 20 cm – painted as knife-throwing wheels.
  • Thirsty: Black head mic in the beginning, then hand microphone.
  • Choreographic theme: The dancers act as creatures and enhance the scenes with their presence.
  • LED graphics: “X” on select occasions. Three different scenes that take place during the number. Shadow Play: Amplifies and distorts the shadows of the dancers/performers with quick effects. Chess: Undulating checkerboard LED floor with red elements. Hands: Hand grows out and grabs hold of artist who disappears for a moment
  • Light: 9 pieces of NanoPix. Intense, strobe, monochrome looks. Moments with blackout where artist seems to disappear.
  • Colors: Red, black, white.
  • Image: Effects such as performers falling through the LED floor.
  • Possible overlay with “X”.

Theme: Empowering, impact, show.

5. Lasse StefanzEn sång om sommaren


  • Violin.
  • 2 guitars.
  • Base.
  • Accordion.

Effects and props

  • Large wooden jetty with three smaller projecting jetties.
  • Surrounding reeds.
  • Wooden bar stool.
  • Pillar.
  • Setting: Summer twilight, where the artists line up and play down by the lake or the sea.
  • LED graphics: Enhances the feeling of Swedish archipelago summer by showing natural environments from a summer day turning into evening.
  • Light: 4 pieces of Astera Titan. Warm, inviting lighting that mimics sunlight. Summer twilight with subtle light change between brighter and darker. The LED wall opens at the end, revealing a strong and warm wall of light.
  • Color: Warm white, white, blue.

Theme: Swedish summer, heat, country.

6. DANNY SAUCEDOHappy That You Found Me

Effects and props

  • Vault.
  • Staircase.
  • Projector (Barco UDX 4K40).
  • LED graphics: Two arches with stairs. Solar. Cosmic patterns.
  • Colour: Sand-coloured, various blue and blue-green tones and touches of red.

These are the stagings for this week! On Thursday, SVT will release the snippets for the songs and on Friday we will tell you our thoughts about their stagings!

source: mellopedia

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