Benidorm Fest: Semi-Final 1


Tonight 8 songs are going to compete in the first semi-final of Benidorm Fest, where 4 of them are going to advance in the final.

The line-up of tonight is the following:

01. Lérica – “Astronauta”

Let’s see what our team think about “Astronauta”

Raul: Not bad, not good, I am waiting for the staging, 7/10

Ionut: The song is quite mediocre, I can’t say that it has anything to stand out, 5/10

Reza: I really liked the start of the song, the verses are very strong, catchy and their voices are great as well. However the rest of the song is just a big letdown for me, I don’t like the chorus and the drop is a bit annoying and too long. Nevertheless a good opener for Benidorm Fest, 6/10

Total: 18/30

02. Noan – “Te echo de-“

Our team has the following thoughts about “Te echo de-“

Raul: A good song, I am very curious about the staging, cause I am expecting something like Xeinn (Benidorm Fest 2022), 8/10

Ionut: A good song, I’m still very curious how it will sound live 7/10

Reza: I actually really like this one. Noan is very talented and this song suits him perfectly. It’s the type of song I would listen to in my free time. Hope he can deliver it live, 9/10

Total: 24/30

03. Sofia Coll – “HERE TO STAY”

“HERE TO STAY” is a fan-favourite of this selection but does our team agree with that?

Raul: I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE FULL PERFORMANCE, the song is AMAZING, she is amazing, 10/10

Ionut: A very promising song, with a very modern sound, I am very curious about the staging, 10/10

Reza: At first I was not that crazy about this one as everyone else but now I totally get why people like this one so much. Such a catchy and empowering song. Sofia is charismatic and if she can deliver the vibe of this song, she can totally win this, 8.5/10

Total: 28.5/30

04. Mantra – “Me Vas a Ver”

Is “Me Vas a Ver” going to convince our team? Let’s find out together:

Raul: We need to have a Violetta song in Benidorm Fest, 4/10

Ionut: Definitely a song that I would feel very good at a party. If I see it on the Eurovision stage? not really, 7/10

Reza: This such a cute and fun song. Nothing special or never seen before but this song is gonna leave you a smile on your face and I think that’s a very important factor for a song like this, 7.5/10

Total: 18.5/30

05. Miss Caffeina – “Bla Bla Bla”

Let’s see what our team think about “Bla Bla Bla”

Raul: That’s a song that Malta should send cause it sound like something that would Malta send, 7/10

Ionut: A rather weak song without anything wow, blah blah blah… 2/10

Reza: I cannot connect so much with this song. I know it’s suppose to be fun and catchy but I find it pretty annoying and repetitive, 5/10

Total: 14/30

06. Quique Niza – “Prisoniero”

Is “Prisionero” going to be a fan favourite among our team? Let’s see how they rated this song:

Raul: It’s alright, 6/10

Ionut: Nothing good, nothing bad, 6/10

Reza: This song is nice but I think it’s just not strong enough for this edition of Benidorm Fest, 6/10

Total: 18/30

07. Angy Fernandez – “Sé Quién Soy”

Did Angy convince our team with her pop-rock track “Sé Quién Soy”? Let’s find out:

Raul: Another good song, I am waiting for the performance, until then, 9/10

Ionut: It’s a generic song that, in my opinion, is still heard at Eurovision. I can’t say it’s a weak song, but nothing wow either, 6,5/10

Reza: I JUST LOVE HER. Angy is my number #1 in this selection and I just hope she can deliver this and show everyone how talented and great she is. This is just pop-rock perfection. #AngyGanadora, 10/10

Total: 25.5/30

08. Nebulossa – Zorra

Let’s see how much of a “Zorra” does our team feel like!

Raul: She is amazing the song is very catchy, let me dream about her winning performance of Benidorm fest, 10/10

Ionut: A different song, which will definitely stand out. If I like it? To be honest, not really. 5/10

Reza: I hated it at first but now I really like it. Such a sexy and fun song and can we talk about how well she deliver this song? 8.5/10

Total: 23.5/10

A strong semi-final and selection is upon us with lots of diversity. This is what we can expect from Benidorm Fest. Our team decided that 4 qualifiers should be: Sofia Coll, Angy Fernandez, Nebulossa and Noan.