Eurovision 2024: BIG 5 + Sweden @ Rehearsals


BIG 5 and Sweden had their first rehearsal last evening! Let’s see our reviews for them!

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UNITED KINGDOM: Olly Alexander – Dizzy

Raul: Yes, yes, finally a good staging this year! UK show them how it’s done, you did a very good job, the frames are good, the story of the moment seems interesting, the voice is there, a potential top 10. I can’t wait to see more of the moment, I’m excited

Reza: Olly didn’t disappoint! Maybe one of the best staging concepts we have this year. Even though “Dizzy” is not Olly’s strongest song, he managed to deliver a great performance.

Ionut: the concept is beautiful, I honestly don’t know if it’s the most representative of the song and the message, but I’m waiting to see more of the show

Robert: OMG it is so breathtaking! The whole performance got me shaking because it was so good! The outfits, the dancers are so perfect. Olly is killing it! It will look amazing on TV.

GERMANY: Isaak – Always On The Run

Raul: The staging looks nice, but I don’t see how this can finish higher than 20th… However, I’m curious how it will look on TV. The vocals are very good, I don’t know what else to say

Reza: Isaak has an amazing voice and the staging looks great as well! Germany is not a fan favorite this year but the juries might really appreciate this entry!

Ionut: vocal is very good, unfortunately nothing stands out, so I don’t know how many votes it will attract.

Robert: Germany has a good show this year too. Isaak is a professional singer and his notes are strong and clean. The stagging is nicely done and I am sure some people will vote for him.

SWEDEN: Marcus & Martinus – Unforgettable

Raul: I like the fact that they kept, as usual, a large part of the staging from Melodifestivalen, I’m very curious about the frames because they definitely changed them. I’m glad that they also used the cubes in the show, everything will be brilliant. I can’t wait to see them at the dress rehearsal on Monday.

Reza: We can see that they kept their Melodifestivalen staging and that’s just perfect. Marcus and Martinus deliver a strong performance and honestly, I don’t think that they could have done more than that. Sweden should be proud of them!

Ionut: Everything looks very well made and very well put together, exactly as I expected from Sweden.

Robert: The boys are slaying! Their show is absolutely different and perfectly executed. All EDM fans will vote for Sweden for its nice show and unique performance which takes your breath away.

FRANCE: Slimane – Mon Amour

Raul: Dear Slimane, you left me speechless. I really like that they kept a simple, effective show with close-up shots. I really like his outfit, it gives him an advantage, and the part where he has that solo without instrumentals leaves me breathless. Great, I wouldn’t mind winning. I’m curious how it will look on TV.

Reza: Slimane’s amazing and we all knew that! His staging seems to be minimalistic but efficient and that’s what he needed! The juries are going to love this!

Ionut: Slimane’s vocals are very good, but we all already knew that, I’m waiting to see this show on TV, but the emotion that he will be able to transmit in the evening of the final will definitely matter much more.

Robert: Emotion and pure art. The concept is really cute and I am sure it will look good on TV. Slimane is an artist and his vocals are just perfect and clean.

SPAIN: Nebulossa – Zorra

Raul: Zorra, Zorra, Zorra! I like that beginning with the exit from the cube so much, that the rest doesn’t even matter anymore. I’m glad they kept a large part of the show from Benidorm Fest, I’m curious how it looks on TV, as I said, the costumes in Benidorm are gorgeous, Eurovision fans will be very pleased.

Reza: They are fabulous. This is just an iconic song and performance. I am glad that they elevated their Benidorm Fest performance

Ionut: honestly, I don’t like anything about this song, and I don’t like the show either

Robert: All the fans are speechless! Every detail is very nicely done. Nebulossa will be voted for the performance, not for the song. I am sure they will win every fan’s heart in the Grand Final.

ITALY: Angelina Mango – La Noia

Raul: Angelina my heart, she left me “WOOOW”. This is what I call a winner moment. I adore her with all my heart, I like the costume, the voice is there and it sounds flawless. I am convinced that the frames are very good, I can’t wait to see the whole moment because I like it very much. Simplicity, femininity, refinement. Speechless

Reza: This one screams winner! Angelina is fantastic and I am glad that she took “La Noia” on another level!

Ionut: Visually, from what I’ve seen, everything looks very good, I can’t wait to see more because Italy definitely has top 5 potential this year

Robert: ANGELINA ATE THE WHOLE PERFORMANCE! Her outfit is fancy and attractive. The choreography is also captivating and eye-catching. The girls went on stage and nailed it!

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