Eurovision 2024: Day 4 of Rehearsals


The fourth day of rehearsals is done! Our reviews are done, so enjoy!

Today we had:

  • Latvia
  • San Marino
  • Georgia
  • Belgium
  • Estonia
  • Israel
  • Norway
  • The Netherlands

photos: EBU

LATVIA: Dons – “Hollow”

Raul: Latvia brought us something simple and effective. It looks good, it remains to be seen how it will be on TV. The performance has two options, either to be good (together with the camera angles), or to be bad (due to the filming, which is hard to believe with svt). His vocals are good, the costume suits him very well, I have nothing to add, I hope they also qualify after all this time.

Reza: I am glad that Dons upgraded his staging from Supernova. Everything looks great! I really like his outfit and Dons’ voice is on point. I wish the juries would still vote in the semi-finals because songs like this deserve some appreciation and recognition and I am pretty sure that the juries would have awarded him with plenty of points.

Robert: Very beautiful. I like the staging so much. It’s very minimalist  and artsy. His voice it’s strong, but the song is boring.

Ionut: Sometimes simpler is better. Latvia went for this thing and did absolutely nothing wrong, everything looks very good

SAN MARINO: Megara – “11:11”

Raul: About Megara, all I can say is that the girl has a bad voice, the moment is very poorly constructed and that’s all, I have nothing to say, we all know she doesn’t qualify…

Reza: This song is actually a guilty pleasure for me and I don’t dislike it as much as the fandom does. Everyone from Megara is very sweet, full of energy and you can see how much they enjoy being a part of Eurovision. The staging looks nice, the outfits are great and the energy is there! It’s probably not enough for them to qualify but it’s clearly a great effort from San Marino!

Robert: Pink and pretty! Many pyros, very outstanding performance. The show captivates everyone’s minds. The band is also good, very strong voice. I hope they will qualify..

Ionut: Unfortunately, San Marino will remain in the semis this year. The voice is quite bad, the show does not look finished and arranged at all..

GEORGIA: Nutsa Buzaladze – “Firefighter”

Raul: Nutsa, as we expected, was flawless, her voice is good and strong, I really like her costume, she looks good, the dancers are from that movie, everything looks good, let’s hope that Georgia’s curse is broken and she will qualify for the final ! The best today, I can’t wait to see how it looks on TV.

Reza: If it was not certain for some of you, now it should be: Georgia is qualifying! There was no doubt about how much potential Nutsa has and she is here to show it to everyone. She looks fierce, delivering amazing vocals, her stage presence is immaculate and the staging looks great! Her fans and supporters should be proud of her!

Robert: It’s time for a breathtaking performance. Nutsa delivers voice and dance. The graphics look great, the dancers are really amazing and the whole performance is powerful

Ionut: Nutsa is on fire!!! She ate and left no crumbs. Everything looks super good, a super worked moment and the voice is perfect.

BELGIUM: Mustii – “Before The Party’s Over”

Raul: My big disappointment, Belgium. I expected Mustii’s moment to be constructed differently, not just a rotating platform with microphones and that’s it, it’s too simple from my point of view. I’m sure it will look great on TV, but don’t give up on me. If I was convinced that Belgium qualifies, today I am in doubt. About the voice, I had more expectations there, it sounded a little off, a little forced.

Reza: I was never a fan of this song despite the hype it has in the fandom. I expected a darker staging, I think it would have suited the song better. I am not a fan of Mustii’s vocals either but this is just a personal preference, I am no vocal coach! On a positive note, I like that he brings the microphones we saw in the official video. It gives a nice touch to his show. Moreover, he looks more comfortable on stage compared to his previous performances, which is great. All in all, Belgium did great but personally, I expected a bit more.

Robert: Belgium – WOW! Mustii grabed everyone’s attention with his voice. He is adorable, outstanding and powerful. The whole show is very artsy and professional.

Ionut: I’m waiting for this show live on TV, to see how the frames look. From what I saw today, nothing seemed incredible and unprecedented.

ESTONIA: 5MIINUST x Puuluup – “(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi”

Raul: I’m glad they kept the start from the crowd, but I don’t know how it could qualify. I really like the song, their vibe, their energy, the whole package is good, the important thing is how the world will perceive them. I like that they use the cubes, I like the colors, let’s see what I do. I’m very curious how it will look on TV.

Reza: Personally, I expected much more from them. Many countries this year kept their shows from the National Final, which is fair – “if it ain’t broken – don’t fix it”. But I feel like Estonia could have elevated this so much better. Their performance in Eesti Laul was messy but I get it, it’s hard to have six men on a single stage doing their own things but they could have transformed that “chaos” into something more polished. The staging is really weak, it feels like they didn’t put any effort into bringing a better design or at least lightning. It feels very random and honestly, they don’t deserve to qualify just for being quirky and different.

Robert: Not very impressed of what I saw on TikTok. I expected much more from them. They kept the performance from their national final and I am happy to see that. On another hand, the graphics don’t really impress me at all. Morever, the whole package is really nice, I strongly want Estonia in the Grand Final, because it is completely entertaining.

Ionut: I don’t like the song at all anymore, and I don’t think the show is extraordinarily good enough to raise the song’s potential.

ISRAEL: Eden Golan – “Hurricane”

Raul: Israel, well done! I like that they went simple, within normal limits given the context. Visually it looks beautiful, simple, I am convinced that it looks sensational on TV. I really like her voice and the confidence with which she sings (unlike other artists). I’m glad they used everything, smoke, those lights that give the circle a very nice look. All in all a top 10 moment.

Reza: I just hope that everyone will be safe at the time Israel is performing. 

Robert: Israel sent a ballad this year, therefore I wanted to see much emotion from this performance. I like what I see but I don’t consider Israel will qualify in the Grand Final this year.

Ionut: Israel staged the song very well, exactly as expected, everything looks very well arranged and finished and Eden’s voice is very good

NORWAY: Gåte – “Ulveham”

Raul: Norway kept the same staging, which is not necessarily a bad thing, it looks nice overall. I’m curious about the visuals on TV because we definitely have them. Vocally, we know from MGP that it sounds very good, a performance that is just rising in my top. Well done, Norway!

Reza: Gåte did great! Their show in MGP was amazing and I am glad that they kept the same atmosphere. This is what this song needs! Even though I am not a fan of “Ulveham” you cannot deny their talent and creativity.

Robert: Norway impressed me today. The show is much better than it was in the Grand Final. Gate delivered a mystic show and I am sure many of us loved what they have seen on TikTok. Lasers, perfect dress and strong voice, a whole package which will have success next week.

Ionut: Visually, it will definitely look great, unfortunately I don’t like the song very much, so I don’t have much to say.

NETHERLANDS: Joost Klein – “Europapa”

Raul: I like his presence on stage, his energy is great, you can see that he has experience and that he likes it a lot. I admit that I’m not a fan of the song, but the beginning part that I saw on tiktok looks very very promising. I expect that we will have surprises from them and even some pleasant ones. I still see him as a Kaarija version 2.0.

Reza: This is going to be fun! I know that Joost will deliver a great performance. I hoped maybe for something more polished and professional instead of a guy dressed as a duck but I hope Joost knows what he is doing. Furthermore, I really like the design, it’s so unserious and cool at the same time matching the song perfectly. However, I am not getting the winner vibes but it’s way too early to call that.

Robert: ICONIC PERFORMANCE! Everything is so cool. I like what Joost delivered today. His performance is entertaining. I like the mascot, the graphics and his outfit which we had already seen in his official video.

Ionut: Absolutely everything about it will be iconic, everyone will remember the moment whether you like it or not. The Netherlands will certainly not go unnoticed this year.

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