Eurovision 2024: Day 3 of Rehearsals


The third day of rehearsals is done! Our reviews are done, so enjoy!

Today we had:

  • Malta
  • Albania
  • Greece
  • Switzerland
  • Czechia
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Armenia

Photos: EBU

MALTA: Sarah Bonnici

Raul: OMG Maltaaaaaaa!!! This is soooooo fucking nice!!! That’s the best staging and the best performance for me until now! The vocals, the choreography, everything is amazing!!!

Ionut: Malta ate and left no crumbs. This first rehearsal was absolutely fantastic, and after the work they put in, they deserve to qualify for the final.

Reza: What a positive surprise! Even though “Loop” is not the strongest song this year, Sarah deserves to qualify if we look at her evolution throughout these months. Her moment looks slick, modern and professional. Well done to Sarah and her team for putting so much effort into this.

Robert: A queen!!! She literally ate and served throughout the whole performance. An outstanding voice and stagging. She got m-m-m-moves! Everything is perfect.


Raul: Her vocals are good, but the staging looks a bit empty… I want to see the 2nd rehearsal to see if it’s something different or it’s just like in the TikTok.

Ionut: The vocals are very good, but I can’t say that I’m a fan of the show or the outfit.

Reza: I don’t like her outfit nor the staging. I really want to see Albania in the final but I am not convinced yet.

Robert: Not very impressed of Albania. I like to see her in other beautiful outfit. Her voice is incredible but the song is boring.

GREECE: Marina Satti

Raul: I saw what I expected, which is very nice cause I am so so proud of them, finally something different and the fact that they will use only one camera is even more interesting. I love her outfit and the dancers outfit, I like also the graphics, I can’t wait to see the full performance next Thursday.

Ionut:  Honestly, I was expecting something a little different from Greece, I would have liked to see elements from the official clip at least when it comes to the outfit. I’m still waiting to see how it looks on TV.

Reza: I am going to be honest, I expected something else. I hoped she would have kept the urban vibe we’ve seen in the official video but nevertheless, the energy is THERE! Marina looks great on stage and the performance seems to be vibrant, colorful and fun! Moreover, the vocals are great! So excited to see more of this performance!

Robert: Another queen! Marina looked great today in her outfit. I would love to see her in the top 5. The dancers are delivering, she is incredible and the whole package is really awesome.


Raul:  I love the staging, but I don’t like Nemo’s costume at all. Nemo’s vocals are good, the staging looks nice, as we saw from the tiktok they will have lots of camera angles and lots of moves.

Ionut: This year, Switzerland brought to the stage the most difficult piece, both to sing and to stage. Honestly, I don’t like the outfit at all, just as I don’t really like the colors themselves chosen for the show. I was expecting something completely and completely different, especially since there is also that part of rap…

Reza: “The Code” is a hard song to stage, so I was very curious to see what Nemo is going to bring on the Eurovision stage. Judging on these pictures, they went for a black and white staging that also worked well for them 2021. Their outfit is interesting but I feel like it’s not matching the staging, lightning and in general, the song. Switzerland is clearly still in the game to win the contest.

Robert: Switzerland’s staging is really interesting. I love everything they deliver. I think they are capable of winning the whole contest. On another hand, the outfit is terrible in my opinion and this matters. The performance is really good with strong vocals. Well done.


Raul: Her vocals had improved, the show looks so so nice, they used the cubes which is giving a more intimate angle which is so so nice, can’t wait to see it on TV.

Ionut:  Aiko vocal has improved, the show looks much better and much more finished. I don’t know what to say about the chances of qualification, we are waiting for the TV version.

Reza: Czechia did a good job with the staging this year. A huge upgrade from everything we have seen in the national final. However, I just cannot enjoy Aiko’s vocals.

Robert: Aiko delivers a nice show this time. Czechia won’t qualify because of its poor song. The whole package is really nice but it’s a little bit messy.


Raul: And that’s what we expected from Austria! An amazing performance, the choreography is amazing, lots of dance moves, the vocals are good now.

Ionut: Austria did a very good job when it comes to “selling” the final product. Kaleen knows how to dance and is very charismatic on stage. If the vocal will be good, Austria will definitely pass the semi-finals.

Reza: Austria comes with a great staging. It matches the song perfectly! However, I am just not a fan of Kaleen delivering this song. Her dancing and singing is just not that great.

Robert: KALEEN ROCKED! The queen is slaying and delivers a strong and difficult show. The performance is on another level and it is professional. I hope she will have her vocals on point in the semi. 


Raul: Denmark, IDK what to say, it’s the same staging, her vocals are perfect, the staging looks good and that’s all.

Ionut: Saba kept the same “clean” show from the national selection. Honestly, although I really like the voice, I was expecting something more.

Reza: Saba is a great vocalist and we all know that. I think that it was a good choice to keep the performance we have seen in the national final, but at the same time, I don’t know how she will stand out, especially when “Sand” is a typical pop song. Denmark should begin to take more risks, both when it comes to their songs and stagings. Basic is never a good thing for the European public.

Robert: Saba’s voice is amazing. I think she will qualify without problems. The song is pretty cute, good vocals and amazing show. Well done!

ARMENIA: Ladaniva

Raul: Aaaand the dark horse of the season. It looks nice, I love the atmosphere they done, good job Armenia.

Ionut: This year, Armenia will be a dark horse when it comes to televoting, surely the traditional influences will stand out and will remain in the minds of all people.

Reza: This will surprise everyone! Everything looks so great and entertaining! Love the design on the big led and how well they translate the ethnic vibe from the official video into the Eurovision stage. The European audience will love this.

Robert:  LADANIVA IS INCREDIBLE! Very cute and artsy. I love the ethnical influences, the outfits and the last but not the least her voice. Armenia’s song is amazing.

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