Eurovision 2024: Day 2 of Rehearsals


The second day of rehearsals is done! Our reviews are done, so enjoy!

Today we had:

  • Iceland
  • Slovenia
  • Finland
  • Moldova
  • Azerbaijan
  • Australia
  • Portugal
  • Luxembourg

photos: EBU

ICELAND: Hera Bjork

Raul: I love her energy and the staging looks amazing! What an upgrade! Well done, Iceland!

Reza: Well this is clearly an upgrade from the national final. Hera is slaying vocally and there was no doubt about that but sadly, the song is way too dated and just not strong enough to make it.

Robert: Iceland – A queen! She is serving and I love her. Although the song is outdated, the stagging is upgrade and I like to see that. I think she won’t qualify. But the stagging could help her

Ionut:  she’s a queen, but a 2010 queen.. and with that I think I have said everything


Raul: OMG I didn’t expected this, it looks amazing, can’t wait to see the camera angles

Reza: Pretty hard to judge this one. Staging looks a bit empty and bright but the key factor here is the camera angles. It looks like she wants to recreate the atmosphere from the official video and that is great!

Robert: The stagging looks a bit too empty. It could have been filled with more artsy things. She is stunning, the voice, the look is amazing and she serves. Well done!Ionut:  she’s a queen, but a 2010 queen.. and with that I think I have said everything

Ionut: I expected more from Slovenia, especially after seeing the video of the song, but maybe it will be seen differently on TV..

FINLAND: windows95man

Raul: The same show as in UMK, nothing special, not my fav, not my last place, let’s see them on TV

Reza: Well nothing new here. It’s the same concept as we’ve seen in the national performance. That worked well for them in UMK, we will see how the European audience will like it.

Robert: I don’t like it. It is a complete mess. Everything is so annoying. They won UMK, but I don’t see any differences from their grand final.

Ionut: nothing new, same concept, clearly I can’t say I’m a fan

MOLDOVA: Natalia Barbu

Raul: I love what I saw, the visuals are looking good, her voice is amazing, she looks amazing, looks like she will play a lot with the camera, lots of camera angles incoming, can’t wait the 2nd rehearsal!

Reza: I actually like what I see! Even though the staging looks pretty empty, Natalia looks beautiful and her outfit is lovely! It’s sad that she couldn’t bring her dancers to Malmö but they did a great job with the design.

Robert: She is perfect! Our queen shines and everything looks so fine. I would like to see Natalia performing in the grand final.

Ionut: Moldova always puts on a very good show, like every time, I don’t know if Natalia will qualify, but it’s clear that they tried to bring a complex package

AZERBAIJAN: FAHREE feat. Ilkin Dovlatov

Raul: OMG what a staging!!!! This will be the dark horse of the season, until then, I will wait for 2nd rehearsal with camera angles for us.

Reza: I am not a fan of what I see, it seems pretty boring and dark for me but it’s also hard to judge a rehearsal when you just have some photos. Not a fan of outfits either.

Robert: The dark horse of the season. The oriental influences and the whole concept is really cool. I think Azerbaijan will shine this year, not only in the semi but also in the grand final.

Ionut: Azerbaijan is playing it safe this time, they didn’t bring any extras or anything wow, I’m waiting to see how it looks on TV

AUSTRALIA: Electric Fields

Raul: Their vocals OMG!!! The staging look promising, i still want to see the tv camera angles…

Reza: Interesting! I have mixed feelings about this one. I don’t know if I like it or not but I am excited to see the full rehearsal.

Robert: Really good. I like it very much. The song is really underrated  in my opinion. The show is cute and I hope it will qualify despite the poor odds.

Ionut: I don’t like anything about Australia this year…

PORTUGAL: iolanda

Raul: Portugal… about Portugal all I can say it’s that I am waiting for the TV perspective

Reza: I am glad that she didn’t change anything since her Festival de Cancao performance was good!

Robert: Very impressive and stunning. Nothing changed. Just a few details are different from what we saw at the grand final of their national selection. Fingers crossed for Portugal.

Ionut: Very intimate this appearance of Portugal and it is not a bad thing at all.


Raul: I love everything I saw, we know that this is not the final costume, but the full package looks amazing even without her costume. Luxembourg, welcome back!!

Reza: I think this looks like the most rehearsal we’ve had today. At least for me! I dislike the dancers’ outfit but overall, this seems like a strong package.

Robert: It is just OK. It is just generic and overhyped what I see. Nothing to say more.

Ionut: Luxembourg is back and the fact that they will close the semi-final will certainly help them to qualify for the final. The show looks worked and worked, we will definitely see something very beautiful on TV

Top of the day: