Review: Teya Dora @ 1st Rehearsal


Teya Dora will represent Serbia with the song RAMONDA!




Raul: The staging looks good, like the official music video which is a good choice for them. I still don’t like the song, it is not for me, not my cup of tea.

Reza: Teya Dora delivers a great vocal performance, as she usually does. The staging is similar to what we’ve seen in PZE and this is great, because everything was stunning there. I hope she will qualify because the song is very beautifulĀ andĀ touching.

Ionut: Teya Dora sings very well, succeeds in conveying the message of the song and is effectively translated intoĀ theĀ moment.

Robert: Serbia got me shaking because it’s very emotional and I love everything Teya delivers. It is very mesmerizing and her vocals are on point.

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