Review: Silvester Belt @ 1st Rehearsal


Silvester Belt will represent Lithuania with the song LUKTELK!




It’s a luminous Luktelk on stage! @Silvester Belt hits rehearsals for Lithuania 🇱🇹 #Eurovision2024

♬ original sound – Eurovision


Raul: Luktelk, luktelk, I love that he remains with the same staging, can’t wait to see him again performing this amazing song! This is one of my fav this season.

Reza: I am excited to see the dance break but until then, judging on what we know, this looks very much like the national final performance. Great outfit as well. Everything seems to work well here and the staging is matching the vibe of the song pretty well!

Ionut: Lithuania managed to find a correct formula to put on a very good show. I’m waiting to see how it looks on TV.

Robert: Lithuania is completely boppy. It is amazing. The whole package is really awesome and he is doing an amazing job. Lithuania is sending once again a good song and I would love to see him in the top 10 this year togheter with other good songs.

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