Review: Bambie Thug @ 1st Rehearsal


Bambie Thug will represent Ireland with Doomsday Blue!




@Bambie has cast hues of Doomsday Blue onto the Malmö Arena stage 🇮🇪 #Eurovision2024

♬ original sound – Eurovision


Raul: This is soooo qualifying! Good job, Ireland! I absolutely love how they made the staging, can’t wait to see it on tv!

Reza: Bambie’s staging is looking great! Love their outfit. I am excited for this one! Love the circle of candles, really giving the witchy vibes that they are going for. I hope to see Ireland in the final!

Ionut: I have to admit that Ireland’s show looks very good, but to be honest I expected this. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of the song itself at all.

Robert: Ireland is strange. I don’t like anything. Barbie is too much. The song is trash and she won’t go through the final in my opinion with that scary make up.

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