Review: Baby Lasagna @ 1st Rehearsal


Baby Lasagna will represent Croatia with “RIM TIM TAGI DIM”!




Cats, assemble! Cows, unite! @The Baby Lasagna Official smashed first rehearsals! šŸ‡­šŸ‡· #Eurovision2024

ā™¬ original sound – Eurovision


Raul: Croatia as I expected came with mostly the same staging, can’t wait to see the performance on TV, for sure a top 5 for him.

Ionut: Croatia brought total energy to the stage, although I don’t like the song, I have to admit that this year Croatia has a very good chanceĀ forĀ theĀ topĀ 5.

Reza: It would be amazing to see Croatia winning Eurovision and I hope that Baby Lasagna will accomplish that. Everything looks great here, the staging is something we excepted to see since it’s looking similarĀ asĀ theirĀ NF.

Robert: Croatia is WINNER POTENTIAL. I adore him with my whole heart. Everything is great. Everything looks perfect. He is adorable and the song is cool too. Very beautifulĀ andĀ artsy

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