Review: Silia Kapsis @ 1st Rehearsal


The rehearsals for Eurovision 2024 begins!

Silia Kapsis will represent Cyprus with the song LIAR!

Photo gallery:

TikTok rehearsal:


Raul: Wow, just wow, I love her outfit and the dancers are perfect for this moment. I love the fact that we have lots of dance moves, which is very nice. She needs to work her voice a bit more cause it sounds a bit off.

Reza: Silia looks very comfortable on stage. The vocals sound a bit shaky at times but it`s just a first rehearsal, so she will fix it until the First Semifinal. The choreo is alright, just as in the official video. It looks a bit messy and chaotic at times and we can also see that the dances are not in sync all the time. The lighting and staging is kind of meh, nothing wow. Anyways, all in all I think that the overall package is good, she will probably make it, but nothing here is impressive.

Ionut: At only 17 years old, Silia shows a very good maturity on stage. The show is exactly as I expected with lots of dancing and energy.

Robert: She is stunning. The choreography is on point. Everybody is perfect. The stage looks impressive for the first time during the rehearsals. I think she will qualify without problems and she will be able to deliver an amazing show. Great job guys.

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