Interview with Electric Fields from Australia


Welcome back to Euro Alfa! Today we have the artists from Australia, the band Electric Fields! They will represent Australia in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the song “One Milkali (One Blood)”. Enjoy the interview!

How did you formed the Electric Fields?

In 2011, Z (Zaachariaha) and I met in a beautiful wooden home in the Adelaide Hills with
a dusty piano in the lounge room and koalas in the bush out the back. We recorded three tracks
for a different songwriter and remained friends after. Five years later, Z called me to ask if we could work together again. As we co-wrote music with each other, that’s when we birthed
Electric Fields.

What does the name Electric Fields mean?
In a nutshell, Michael is the electric and Zaachariaha is the fields. Mystically, if you look at a
scientific diagram of an electric field, it mirrors the energy that Z&M create both while writing
music and on stage.

How did you find out you were selected for 2024?
There were a lot of phone calls and songwriting sessions to hopefully get that call, and when it
finally came through, the first thing we did was call our parents.

What does your song One Milkali (One Blood) mean?
Milkali means ‘blood’ and One Blood is the core thread of One Milkali. With billions of beliefs
often clashing, we are mirroring the kinship we all share with the repeating patterns of nature.
One Milkali is a world disco in the face of the vast universe.

What will be your performance outfits be like and how is staging shaping up?
We are hoping to create a world where everyone can join in as we tell the story of our song.
Hoping to weave together multiple different elements to create a feeling of mystic joy.

Who are your favourite artists performing at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?
There are so many exciting performers and songs!!! We’re looking forward to seeing them all –
Germany’s Isaak with Always on the Run, Croatia’s Baby Lasagna with Rim Tim Tagi Dim, Spain’s
Nebulossa with Zorra, UK’s Olly Alexander with Dizzy – everyone really!

Who are your favourite Eurovision acts of the past?
Aminata from Latvia with Love Injected in 2015 – her song made us have a feeling that was
massive, and we love Keiino Spirit in the Sky from Norway in 2019 – they created such a perfect
moment that we loved.

What do you love about Eurovision?
The freedom of creativity, and the sharing of culture and language is unmatched at any other
global event.

Do you have a message for Eurovision fans?
Firstly, we can’t wait to perform One Milkali (One Blood) for you and we love your sheer passion
for songwriters and singers from all around the world. We share the same love as you!

That’s all! Australia will compete in the 1st semi-final, in the 13th position of the running order!

Thanks to the head of press, Clementine, and Electric Fields for their answers! Best of luck to them!