Welcome To London! – Here Is What To Expect From London Eurovision Party 2024


Tomorrow fans from all over the world will travel to UK’s capital city to celebrate the 15th anniversary of London Eurovision Party.

HERE at Outernet will open its doors tomorrow, April 7 for the annual London Eurovision Party where participating artists will perform their songs before the big show, which will be held in Malmo, Sweden. The show will be hosted by the former UK representative Lucy Jones, Paddy O’Connell, Ryan Clark and the former UK Eurovision Spokesperson, Scott Mills.

London will host once again its Eurovision Pre Party where fans from all over the world will gather who will support their favorite Eurovision artists. Eurofans can buy tickets directly via dice.fm, the prices starting from £120+fees (for general admission-main floor). Although Eurovision fans are able to purchase priority access tickets for £150+fees (general admission) and the VIP Silver Diva Package (mezzanine level) for £216+fees.

The event will gather former Eurovision Song Contest artists such as Gustaph (Belgium 2023), Michael Rice (United Kingdom 2019), Stand Uniqu3 (JESC United Kingdom 2023), Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014), Keiino (Norway 2019), Rosa Linn (Armenia 2022), Jacqline (Melodifestivalen 2024).

HERE at Outernet will welcome the following artists from this year Eurovision Song Contest:

  • Besa (Albania)
  • Kaleen (Austria)
  • Mustii (Belgium)
  • Baby Lasagna (Croatia)
  • Aiko (Czech Republic)
  • Saba (Denmark)
  • 5Minuust x Puuluup (Estonia)
  • Windows95man (Finland)
  • Slimane (France)
  • Nutsa Buzaladze (Georgia)
  • Isaak (Germany)
  • Bambie Thug (Ireland)
  • Angelina Mango (Italy)
  • Dons (Latvia)
  • Silvester Belt (Lithuania)
  • Tali (Luxembourg)
  • Sarah Bonnici (Malta)
  • Natalia Barbu (Moldova)
  • Gate (Norway)
  • Luna (Poland)
  • Megara (San Marino)
  • Raiven (Slovenia)
  • Nebulossa (Spain)
  • Marcus & Martinus (Sweden)
  • Olly Alexander (United Kingdom)

For more information, visit the official Eurovision in Concert website: https://ldneurovision.com/lep-2024/.